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Every human being’s life goes around love. Loving someone or something, it makes no difference.
When we designed ADA, we wanted to transform the connection with a software in something more emotional, private and able to offer positive feelings.
For this reason, we worked on the main lines of its character, such as its ease of use, effectiveness in results, reliability, innovation, everything is thought to offer you an amazing experience and to create a strong relationship overtime.

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10 Reasons why Clients who tested it, now cannot stay without it anymore



Easy to use, effective results

The advanced functions of ADA minimize your need for engagement and allow you to concentrate on creativity.
Thanks to the visual editors, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), you won’t need to limit yourself strictly to writing code lines- You can now immediately decide the graphic aspect of your campaigns in an easy way.

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Reduce the time of campaign creation

“Create, Distribute, Measure¨: Welcome to the ADA concept. A system of solutions, which offers you all you need to go from the creativity phase to publication as fast as possible. Then move forward onto the measurement of your campaigns with analytics. Autonomously carry out each phase of your campaign, which means saving time and getting results quicker.

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Create stories that evoke Emotion

Did you know that telling a story about your brand and products is an innovative way to introduce yourself to potential Clients? Storytelling is a communication technique based on a spectator’s emotions. Create stories with pages rich in multimedia content that audiences can flip through like a book. Enable viewers to become clients who create conversions.

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Extraordinary conversion results

Generating online traffic is important, but achieving quantifiable results is paramount. With ADA you can create content with one specific goal: To drive a high conversion rate. Our content campaigns are designed to increase the percentage of visitors that become contacts, target those contacts, and engage with them to build strong customer relationships.

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Clients’ opinions and needs

Take advantage of the opportunity at hand: Know your clients´ opinions and discover their degree of satisfaction through targeted surveys and questionnaires. Creating, managing and publishing mobile-friendly questionnaires and surveys is finally a piece of cake. The graphic display of answers will also allow businesses to get results on their clients´ preferences immediately.

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Create & Share

Think Globally, Act Locally

“Think Globally, Act Locally” is the mantra every retailer dreams in a globalized and highly competitive world. Just one platform (ADA), with more access levels (ADA multi-account) which allows to the central marketing to create worldwide contents and share them in real-time with all the points of sale.
Furthermore, ADA is the perfect support to reach the goals of a modern retail strategy, because it offers a unique view on the local customer base behaviors and it suggests customized contents according to the brand identity.

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Increase the ROI of your campaigns

ADA allows you to maximize your ROI by satisfying Clients along the Customer Journey. With the Mobile Analytics solution and the Lead Scoring modules integrated in ADA, you can customize future campaigns, and discover which content is more successful. Manage communication budgets and increase ROIs by reducing costs when utilizing ADA.

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Clients’ behaviors mapping and quality scores attributions

The Lead Scoring module offered by ADA automatically provides Leads with scores. Leads are then classified according to their importance by dividing them into categories: Hot, Warm or Cold Leads. You can then decide which of your users are ready to begin the sales process, and which still need nurturing.

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More channels of distribution for your content

Choose the channels of distribution for your content, and deliver campaigns in real-time. Plan SMS, E-mail, Social Network and Proximity campaigns in an easy and fast way without needing to install any additional software.

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Human heart, Artificial Intelligence

With ADA ChatBots Builder you can offer customers an advanced 24h Customer Support System. ADA ChatBots are perfectly integrated on Facebook Messenger and other popular messaging apps.
ADA Social Content semantic crawler consistently researches the most relevant content for you. You can then select and schedule publications on your business networks. ADA Social Content also integrates the Facebook Ads features.

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Can a software create emotions? and let your heart beating?
ADA is a platform to love. Our great Partners will explain us why