the biggest web revolution

“Language is the most natural interface known to man. Language will be the next big platform. Language is the interface used by ChatBots.”

They are Virtual Assistants which use natural language and talk with customers in an automatic and smart way. They are capable of offering customers an advanced 24h CRM system via an innovative channel which can be used to promote products and services, distribute incentives and communicate the latest offers.


ADA ChatBots Builder:
create your Virtual Assistant in a few simple steps

ADA integrates a ChatBots Builder: a streamlined tool to create autonomously customizable ChatBots for your brand.
ChatBots created with ADA technology are AI powered and they’re designed to entice users into conversations and generate conversions.
ADA ChatBots Builder is really easy to use: create your Assistant, no technical skills and no coding required. Thanks to an intuitive interface and the Drag and Drop system you can graphically customize your ChatBot. In just a few minutes your Virtual Assistant will be ready to be published.

Let your business grow
with a Virtual Assistant

Imagine to have at your disposal an AI powered Assistant that relentlessly:

answers clients’ needs and questions in real-time

boosts your client’s Customer Experience

supports sales with targeted promotions

generates opportunities to integrate other content tools

helps you to improve loyalty programs

For this reason, we developed the ADA ChatBots Builder to include the best digital technology: an exclusive mix which includes every possible solution to always get the best marketing results.


ADA ChatBots Builder:



choose your Assistant’s name and gender (male or female voice), select the language for the conversations, upload the preferred avatar , customize the ChatBot color picker and logo


Extra contents

insert a starting list of questions and answers according to your users’ interest. You can update it with new content in real time


Semantic analysis

monitor and use the most appropriate answers, also in case of complex or ambiguous requests


Multimedia contents

enrich a simple text with images, videos and links to external websites


Timer questions

you can set for how long a question will be displayed, for a particular promotion or discount



Simply by asking personalised and automated questions, the ChatBot can revitalise any non-interactive user who still has the chat window open.


CTA System

take advantage of the integration with ADA tools: Mobile-Friendly Landing Page, StoryTelling and E-mail tools


Messaging App Interface

Integrate the ChatBot on Facebook Messenger, Telegram and other popular messaging apps



take advantage of the fact the interface is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Allowing a 100% Mobile-Friendly interaction


Text to speech

The voice component of the ChatBot reads aloud messages and replays texts it has written.


Automatic suggestions

the ChatBot automatically suggests conversation streams allowing the user to continue a conversation with just a tap



measure the conversation and engagement potential, with detailed information and data

ADA ChatBots:
a one-to-one, streamlined, immediate and always active communication

ADA ChatBots guide the user through the buying process and provide real-time support, always finding the right answer and making customer’s lives easier. The user only has to submit the question and the full-time assistant will do all the work, increasing their degree of satisfaction and interaction.
Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, the ChatBot doesn’t require the installation of other apps or the need to create an account: the solution is simple, direct and extensive, all incorporated in a chat format.


Conversational Form
Turn a web form into Conversations

The key to real innovation is in simple things. And what is more natural than language to get in touch with prospects and clients?

The latest release of ADA ChatBot Builder changes the approach to the Lead Generation, revolutionizing the way brands are conversing with potential clients. Thanks to the Conversational Form, ChatBot is no longer confined to respond passively to users’ questions. ADA Virtual Assistants are now proactive and interactive with speakers, by asking precise questions and by creating conversational flows that allows collecting data and information useful for users’ profiling. Replacing a traditional web form with a Conversational Form is very easy.




Easy to create and manage


Workflow customization


Collection of users’ socio-demographic information, tastes and preferences


Integration with the Lead Scoring module and Facebook Messenger

Web browser and messaging apps:
reach your customers wherever they are

Thanks to ADA ChatBots you can reach your audience anywhere: you can turn your Facebook page into a Facebook Messenger Bot and reach over 1 billion users. You can also decide to publish your Assistant on the most popular messaging apps (such as Telegram and Slack) or integrate it on your website designed with WordPress. What about allowing your customers to have a dialogue via a mobile browser? By using chat on a browser it means you are able to establish a dialogue with over 2 billion smartphone owners.