ADA Social Content
Social Media Management is now more effective with ADA

Take advantage of Social Media to know your customers better and develop new contacts by engaging them with your brand: today, with ADA Social Content solution, you can manage your presence on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr with just one interface, thanks to an innovative tool full of features.
A semantic crawler consistently researches the most relevant and detailed content for you, you can then select and plan the publication, leading you to discover the effectiveness of your communication with clear and detailed reports.


ADA Social Content
the best Social Media Manager ally

When we were designing ADA Social Content, we were thinking about the role of a Social Media Manager, so we’ve changed needs and desires into features.

With ADA Social Content solution:


Optimize time and assets management

An in-depth analysis of content allows ADA Social Content semantic crawler to extract syntactic-semantic connections, between words and topics in your content. ADA Social Content identifies the right content for your brand, by choosing from a variety with web sources, posts, Facebook pages, videos and images always providing you of updated suggestions you can manage, publish and characterize according to each social media features.


Integrate high-conversion rate content

With ADA Social Content take advantage of the integration with ADA tools (Landing Page, StoryTelling and ChatBot ) to engage your audience through Social Media.


Manage your content approval

Have you created a content plan for your customer and now you want to get their approval? With ADA Social Content it’s really easy. ADA automatically delivers via email, a report of scheduled content that can be approved or edited by your Customer


Highlight your posts on Facebook

Do you want to increase the audience of a particular post in your Facebook plan? With ADA Social Content you can highlight that post. Directly on the ADA platform, you can set the audience, the target and the sponsorship duration. In this way your post will be viewed by users that you otherwise could not reach.


Take the best decisions

Measure the effectiveness of your content on Social Media, thanks to dashboards which explain your data in a few seconds. You can also discover trends, monitor posts, comments and number of likes, the sentiment value and emotions generated by your audience.