Your Email Marketing campaigns
with a single click

With UpperMail, managing the phases of sending out an Email Marketing campaign to your contacts is fast and easy.


How does it work?

Refined Sending

With the use of profiling, you select those individuals who want to receive your communication

Test delivery

Before actual delivery, administer one or more tests to verify that everything is working properly.

Scheduled campaigns

You set the day and time of delivery, scheduling your campaign to reach the desired target.

Summary report

Before confirming delivery, a practical summary report allows you to test the final details of the campaign.

for improved performance of your campaigns

In Box Preview

With the "In Box Preview" function, you can quickly test your campaign, visualize your newsletter in advance as it will appear across various devices, clients or email clients (Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.).
Avoid risking low open rates and prepare for possible changes before sending.

The Anti-Spam guarantee

Anti-spam filters are the principal enemies to any Email Marketing strategy. UpperMail, with its Anti-Spam test, guarantees the quality of your campaigns and ensures a higher delivery rate. In addition, the Analytics model helps you understand the principal results of your initiatives and turns UpperMail into your primary ally for successful Email Marketing campaigns.