Personalize and distribute
your campaigns on Social Networks

Utilizing social networks for communication will help your brand reach more clients and provide significant benefits for your business. Users will interact through social networks, learn about your products and services, exchange opinions and information and share content. Leveraging Social Media marketing for content is an important element of your digital strategy. With ADA, take advantage of the possibilities for sharing content and personalizing and distributing your campaigns through Social Networks.

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Publish and share
your Mobile content

Have you created a Mobile Landing Page or Mobile StoryTelling? By copying the short-link and inserting it into a post or Tweet, you can distribute your content to your target audience in real-time. Connect external sources to social campaigns to improve the confidence and loyalty of users and utilize the Call to Action system to improve conversions.

Measure the ROI
of your Social Marketing strategies

Measuring the success of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns is fundamental in determining the ROI of your advertising investments. The Tracking pixels module, created by ADA, allows you to harness the Mobile Landing Page as a complement to your Facebook Ads campaigns by inserting code to trace and track your conversions.

How does it work?

When a potential client clicks on an announcement or lands on the Landing Page or a StoryTelling page, a cookie registers from the click. If the same user completes an action, leaving their information through a form (Landing Lead) for example, participates in a survey (Landing Survey) or makes a purchase through their smartphone (Landing Deal and mFlyer), the conversion tracking recovers the information stored in the cookie.