An integrated
Call to Action system

Integrating UpperMail with Mobile Landing Page and StoryTelling increases the conversion power of your Email Marketing campaigns. Thanks to the shared Call to Action system you can choose, depending on your goals, which actions to offer to the user: from a loyalty promotion to encouraging a sale.


Creating conversations
is easy

UpperMail uses the integrated and shared “Call to Action” system that is part of ADA in order to offer you the best approach for your email marketing campaign. Connect the Newsletter to online content, a Mobile Landing Page or Mobile StoryTelling with a single click. You are guaranteed to offer your users an experience that is 100% adapted to their mobile devices



insert the URL of your choice, such as for your contact page or a dedicated Mobile Landing Page.


Mobile Landing Page

Choose a Mobile Landing Page that already exists and automatically connect the link to the Call to Action: Promotion, Lead, Social coupons, Survey, Deal/mFlyer, Donation, Booking.


Mobile StoryTelling

Choose a Mobile StoryTelling that already exists and automatically connect the link to the Call to Action.

to create campaigns


In Box Preview

The “in Box Preview” feature offers you an early view of the screen on different devices, client applications or email (Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.) from your newsletter. This allows you to quickly test your campaign and prepare for potential changes before sending it out, avoiding the risk of a low open rate.


The Anti-Spam guarantee

The Anti-Spam test guarantees the quality of campaigns and ensures the highest delivery rates. In addition, the Analytics model helps you understand the principal results of your initiatives and turns UpperMail into your primary ally for successful Email Marketing campaigns.