Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing
Content that creates relationships and promotes loyalty

The smartphone is turning into an increasingly attractive email inbox, available from any place and at any time, it is a true opportunity for brands. This is why UpperMail was created: to provide an innovative solution that simplifies the creation, sending and measurement of the results of your Email Marketing campaigns


Email Marketing
100% Mobile-Friendly

Newsletters made with UpperMail are specifically designed for mobile devices but are optimized for any device, email client and screen size. The solution uses a column structure, large sized text and button spacing currently in favor in the the market, making UpperMail the ideal tool for guaranteeing the best experience for accessing email across any mobile device.

Clear and quick access from a mobile device 

An image, a title feature, an effective text or a specific Call to Action. You can do all of this without forcing the user to scroll through the email. The primary goal of an email, opened on a mobile device, is to provide something that is easy and fast to read, with one glance, that establishes in the user’s mind the memory of the right way to experience email.

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Unleash your creativity

With Drag and Drop you can choose among various objects and craft your email according to your objectives. Without the limitation of pre-configured screens, drag objects into the body of the email to combine texts, images and videos to create your newsletter. The perfect design will take shape in just a few steps.


Text boxes and areas


Individual and double images






Social Network icons