ADA Marketing Automation
Email + SMS + Communication + Automation = the winning formula

Boosting the capability of influencing users’ decision process, driving them along the Customer Journey and preserving the relationship over time are the must-have features for all businesses. In order to satisfy these demands, it is necessary to learn Mobile users’ behaviour and communicate with them in the right way, at the right moment.


Only one tool
a lot of benefits

ADA Marketing Automation helps you to create and distribute communication campaign and it is useful for whoever has to deal with a large number of clients. Activities such as the acquisition and nourishment of Leads means that businesses have to considerably invest in time and assets, but thanks to ADA smart workflows, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, improve the Leads profiling and tracking, by reducing human error while managing the communication flow.

Smart workflows to convert

Marketing Automation workflows created with ADA are communication flows that optimize the time of interaction with the audience and reduce the one spent for monotonous and repetitive tasks, by positively impacting on incurring costs.

They are conversion funnels capable of enriching the data base of companies with qualified contacts, thanks to targeted communications that are automatically distributed with defined time intervals according to the strategy you want to adopt.


Marketing Automation and Lead Management

Thanks to ADA Marketing Automation, Leads are:


Acquired starting from a content campaign.


Enriched through a Content Marketing strategy which is automatically distributed


Qualified through the Lead Scoring system that gives quality scores according to users’ actions and behaviours.

Easy, automatic and measurable

Define your workflow, starting your Marketing campaigns directly from the ADA platform, using the following tools: SMS sending, Emailing, Happy Birthday’s, Opt-in Tool, Lead Generation. Integrate your workflow with existing content: Landing Page, StoryTelling/MovieTelling and ChatBot, specifying the action that will be automatically performed. Monitor the workflow, through the Lead Scoring module and dedicated Analytics, in order to identify the flow that generates the highest Engagement and Conversion rate.