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Learning the mobile behavior of your clients helps you create more effective marketing campaigns and guarantees secure returns on your advertising investments. The Mobile Analytics module has many valuable features that allow for the precise measurement of your users’ behavior that will guide you to discover what they truly want


Precise numbers
for foolproof campaigns

Measurement is the key to success. The Mobile Analytics module interprets the behavior of users who have visited your Mobile Landing Page or your Mobile StoryTelling and converts this information into useable data.
Dedicated Dashboards will provide you, at a glance, with the primary indicators and KPIs, an array of valuable information to help you understand the evolution of your initiatives and provide, in real-time, the appropriate corrections to your mobile device campaigns

Determine, measure and improve
your Mobile ROI

With Mobile Analytics, every campaign offers a valuable opportunity to determine page views, unique visitors, clicks on the Call to Action, the browser types used and geolocation information about your visitors. To make querying easier and more accessible, all information is grouped into sections and accompanied by graphics and images. For you, there is nothing you need to do besides enjoy the opportunities provided and increase the ROI of every mobile project.

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Email Marketing
information for making the best decisions

Measuring the performance of your email marketing allows you to design highly personalized communication strategies. But a truly successful email campaign doesn’t end with opening a page or a single click: to understand the results of your users’ activities, you need to track what receiving individuals do, even after opening the email, and evaluate whether the anticipated results were reached (conversions).

The Mobile Analytics module from UpperMail is a valuable source of information that will help you make the best decisions. It provides sophisticated measurement of the primary parameters of an Email Marketing campaign: type of delivery (Delivery Rate), the number of messages rejected by the server (hard and soft bounce), whether messages are read (open rate), and the number of users who have completed the action for conversion (conversion rate).

With Mobile Analytics the information from your initiatives is gathered together in a report that can be consulted online in real time. You will be able to track the statistics of every user, the source of your clicks and whether they were performed on a smartphone, tablet or PC, and access all information that was added. As such, improving the quality of your list and measuring your cost per conversion and return on investment becomes fast and easy.

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