Mobile Landing Page
content that creates Conversions

Mobile Landing Page is the most advanced web editor for creating, managing and publishing a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page with an exclusive design.

With Landing Pages you can manage, in an automated fashion, Mobile marketing campaigns through a Landing page or web page that is optimized for mobile devices. The Mobile Landing Page module is designed to offer the most advanced mobile technology and generate the highest conversion rates.

Its administration interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to create Landing Pages and personalize them according to your marketing goals: basic promotion, potential client acquisition and user profiling. In just a few steps, your mobile communication will be transformed into engaging experiences with new contacts.

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Mobile Landing Page
high conversion rate

Generating online traffic is important, but what is truly important is obtaining concrete results. A Landing Page is a web page that is capable of presenting your offer but with a precise objective: inviting visitors to complete an action, thereby converting that contact. Our Landing Pages are designed to increase the percentage of visits that convert into contacts and generate specific, appealing and interactive actions.


Adapted to any Business

With our web editor, creating a web page that is optimized for mobile devices becomes simple, fast and fun. You do not need to have prior experience, you will be able to do it in only a few minutes, in an automatic fashion and the results will be surprising.

How does it work?


1. Select the Landing Page model that you think will be most useful for your campaign


2. Choose among the graphics templates available within the platform


3. Using the Drag and Drop function, drag the images directly onto the page


4. Choose one or more calls to action, and with a simple click you activate them (making them visible)

A mobile marketing platform that
can be used from your mobile device

It might sound like a play on words, but the Landing Page Mobile module can be accessed from any mobile device. Create a destination page that is optimized for Smartphones, add a contact form or survey, send an SMS, measure your campaign’s results: these are all actions you can complete with ease from either your mobile device, or when accessing the platform from a PC.