Developing loyalty with clients
is possible

In a market where consumers tend to stick to the same brands, people increasingly trust digital means in order to gather information and search and compare prices and products. Today’s users, technologically mature, demanding and attracted to new lifestyles, are focusing their attention on smartphone screens and tablets. This sea change affects everything a person wants to do: from their hobbies to their work to their purchases.

Smartphone Customers
informed, active and always connected

With the spread of the smartphone and tablet, the disloyal consumer is on the rise – one willing to switch from one brand to another. A client who is constantly analyzing the moment in which to make a market purchase will compare value and decide in which brand to place his or her trust.


Developing loyalty with clients
is possible

Developing and managing long-term relationships with your clients is the true priority for any business, particularly in markets where competition is fierce. A loyal client leads to greater profits and maintaining them today requires lower costs than acquiring new clients. For this reason, loyalty programs are the best tools for growing your business, combined with generating positive word of mouth among new clients.

Mobile Loyalty
a new effect on loyalty is beginning

Mobile Loyalty, presented by The Digital Box, is the innovative, digital solution aimed at creating continuous relationships with clients and designed to grow your business by allowing you to manage every stage of a customer’s lifecycle loyalty program.

With Mobile Loyalty you can:


Promote loyalty

And provide value to client relationships



The number and frequency of purchases



New clientele thanks to word of mouth



Promote and motivate


Mobile Loyalty

Two aspects characterize Mobile Loyalty that are different in comparison to traditional loyalty programs:

100% Mobile

The mobile phone number is the only element used to identify and recognize clients.


Accruing points is done without the need for POS or any other physical support.

No Fidelity Card

Mobile Loyalty substitutes the traditionally loyalty card with a telephone number that becomes the only element for identifying and recognizing the client.

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How does it work?


1. The Client, after completing a simple purchase, receives a ticket at checkout with a code for collecting points, which can be sent via SMS to a dedicated number or through the website of the initiative


2. After collecting points, the client receives an auto-response SMS that confirms the accrual of points with his or her point balance. Receiving maxi-bonus points will give the client a pleasant surprise.


3. By connecting to the website of the initiative, the client can request their prize to be delivered in the comfort of their home, or pick it up at a sales point.

Mobile Loyalty and
Instant Gratification

With a classic “Scratch and Win” capability, this module allows the user to win up to 500,000 points and gain instant access to prestigious awards: e.g. a car, an iPhone 7 or a latest-model TV. Gameplay is easy. Playing to reach award levels defined by the partner, the client receives a ticket with a secret code covered by a silver layer. Some tickets are distributed with a maxi-bonus point award that makes it easier to reach the level needed to win the biggest prizes.

* Managing the Instant Gratification module will be the responsibility of the Organization

Mobile Loyalty
Main features

API interface with external management systems, for example, loudspeaker system

Analysis and advance reporting tools

Integration with SMS platform for delivering notifications: for example Point balance, explorer and specific promotions

Awards to automatically manage products

Automatic re-ordering of prizes

Advanced management of principal client data

Web access to the application where points are awarded

Mobile Loyalty, the benefits
Investments focused on saving costs

Starting a loyalty program can be an expensive option for a company. Mobile Loyalty is designed to guarantee a reduction in risks and investments linked to collecting points and to eliminate any waste or costs not centered on these results.

Mobile Loyalty

Does not provide the card that is delivered to the client

Does not require POS for charging points

Does not require clients to fill out member forms

Costs are saved in inventory, logistics and customer support

Includes telephone support through a free and dedicated number

Guarantees delivery service of prizes to households

Offers a website for mobile devices dedicated to accruing points

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Mobile Loyalty
is measurable:



in real time, the track record of point accrual



as to how points are awarded and assigned



of increases in users and expenses



the sales history and movement at the POS