Clients talk about your Brand

Conversations on the Web, posts, social media exchanges, and blog articles generate communication that can affect your reputation. If you are tired of false accusations or anonymous criticism, we have the solution for you.

Protect your Brand
from disloyal practices and false opinions

Mobile Reputation is an innovated application, integrated with The Digital Box, designed to help businesses protect themselves from disloyal practices and false opinions. With Mobile Reputation, any business can adopt a certified online review system to improve their positioning and reputation. Mobile Reputation guarantees your brand will have an effective communication on the Web, Social Networks, SMS and email and will be a powerful tool for SEO and Social Media Marketing that helps spread positive opinions virally.


Loyalty & Reputation
The winning integration for mobile devices

The online Reputation module is integrated with the Loyalty program to offer users the opportunity to join a multi-sector loyalty program that gives them awards and incentives to make purchases and leave positive comments. In addition, with the “instant win” and “missions” features, users will be able to earn additional loyalty program points and invite their friends to collect select awards. Developed with technology adapted to multiple devices, Mobile Reputation is available and accessible from any smartphone, tablet and PC.

Mobile Reputation:
four winning characteristics

The Mobile Reputation module comprises four fundamental elements:


1. a collaborative system of incentives

for partners, dealers and consumer associations.


2. a loyalty and gamification program

that favors mobile interactions between the client and operator.


3. a certification system for partners

to prevent false opinions.


4. support for dispute resolution

for consumer associations and dealers.