More models, more styles

Mobile StoryTelling provides various graphic adaptable solutions (page templates). You start building your story by adding text boxes, importing images from the gallery or uploading them or inserting new high-quality videos. StoryTelling is the ideal way to tell personal stories or present your business’ brand in an innovative way and to inspire curiosity and interest. Creating a digital story that is optimized for mobile devices becomes simple, fast and fun. You can do everything in a matter of minutes, without writing a single line of code, and the results will surprise you.

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Based on emotions

The “Drag and Drop” feature makes your stories easy to make. Thanks to our web editor, you can easily and efficiently modify the design of the story and use the “StoryBoard” to change the order and sequence of models on the page. Once you finish, your StoryTelling will always be available on the cloud for updating later.


for Mobile Devices

Mobile StoryTelling is designed to guarantee the best experience when using it on mobile devices. The large images and multimedia videos favor user interaction. Every story is perfectly adapted for the most advanced web browsers currently in the market as well as operating systems for mobile devices, without the need to install any apps.

Mobile StoryTelling is optimized for iOS and Android operating systems. Devices require a minimum screen size of 4 inches.


Winning features

Mobile StoryTelling is pure innovation, its winning features make this solution surprisingly unique because:


100% Mobile Friendly

Every day millions of users use a smartphone or tablet to connect to the internet: reach them with your story.


Customizable Page Template

Create your story using the guiding and personalized templates: find the best combination for your unique and individual story.


Swipe Effect

Make your users see the stories with a side swipe effect: all the magic of a story, but with “touch”


Multimedia & Rich Content

Harness the evocative power of images and videos to create high-impact stories: generate a positive memory of your brand.


Purely browser based

You can browse Storytelling without having to install any apps: start it from your device’s browser and start reading.


to Insert

With the “embed” feature, you can incorporate StoryTelling into any website or blog, it is truly child’s play. Just copy the code from StoryTelling to export, select the dimensions of the area to embed and paste the code into the destination webpage.