Stories with a Happy ending

Every story should pride itself on having a happy ending. With the Mobile StoryTelling module, personalize your marketing campaigns and present digital stories with a specific ending: encourage visitors to take action and obtain a concrete result (in terms of conversions). Based on your goals, enrich your stories with one or more calls to action, for example: include an information form, survey section or direct tools to generate online sales.


Integrated Solutions

Integrating mobile marketing solutions turns Mobile StoryTelling into a flexible tool with great potential. Do you seek to promote your business, convert visitors into interested users, gather the opinions of your clients or sell to them directly through their smartphones? With our Mobile StoryTelling solution, you can verify that a story will help achieve these goals and communicate efficiently in the era of smartphones in a completely innovative way.

A Call to Action
for each of your objectives

Simple to create and with exclusive designs, StoryTelling pages are designed to obtain the best results: encourage users to the anticipated actions, without distractions, and increase the conversion rates of your campaigns. Choose one or more models for actions or combine them together within the StoryTelling module according to your campaign goals.

1. Promotion


The “Promotion” module is a flexible promotional tool that allows you to establish a strong relationship between you and your clients – it will become your best ally for achieving visibility. With a few simple steps, you can create a story, configure your message, insert images and select calls to action to offer to your clients. You can request that they communicate with your point of sale, exploit the power of maps to guide them to the nearest store or show them a new corporate video.


2. Convert and Profile

Lead Coupon

The “Lead Coupon” module helps you create forms directly from your mobile phone that allow you to gather details and information about your potential clients. For example, you can grant access to a Test Drive using a short story that the user can flip through: simple for the user and effective for the vendor. By issuing a digital bonus coupon you can reward users that have provided their information.

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3. Learn and Measure

Survey Coupon

The “Survey Coupon” module allows you to gather your clients’ opinions or discover their level of satisfaction using surveys and questionnaires to be completed on their smartphones. Creating, managing and publishing questionnaires and surveys that are optimized for mobile devices is now fast and simple. Displaying the results will allow you to, at a simple glance, obtain an immediate overview of your users’ responses.


4. Sell


The number of clients who use smartphones is increasing every day and they appreciate the ease of making purchases through their mobile devices wherever they are. With Landing Deal, mobile purchases are fast, easy and safe, for both you and your clients. Create your offer, add the basic information on your product, how long the offer is available and the price. Clients will receive the message, connect to the Landing page and acquire the product from their devices with complete safety.
Transactions guaranteed with logo_paypal

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5. Donate


With Landing Donation you can manage campaigns to raise funds in support of associations, organizations and political candidates. Set the amount of the donation or, with the free donation feature, leave it up to the generosity of the users to decide how much to donate. The security of the donations is guaranteed with logo_paypal