content that creates Emotions

Mobile StoryTelling is the innovative solution that allows you to create, manage and publish open source digital stories for smartphones that have a horizontal swipe effect that creates excitement and engagement. With Mobile StoryTelling  you will be able to, with complete autonomy, create campaigns of Visual StoryTelling, that can be directly promoted online, shared on Social Networks or sent via SMS.


The future of digital narration
is coming

StoryTelling is a communication technique that consists of delivering your message by telling a creative story. With the use of storytelling techniques, a loyal client will be particularly impacted which increases their connection to you and their receptiveness to your message. This is why Mobile StoryTelling is revolutionizing the world of online communication: a communicative message with a narrative story attracts the attention of the public and sharpens their specific desire to perform a desired action.


The strength of a story

Humans are “visual thinkers” and process images 60,000 times faster than text. On average people remember 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see, so we respond better to visual content. This is why Mobile StoryTelling is the ideal solution for telling personal stories and presenting your brand, products and services in an innovative way, and in order to generate a positive memory that encourages greater interaction by users.


Stories that can be told
and read wherever

Mobile StoryTelling is designed to be perfectly visualized from a smartphone, but can be seen from any device. You can reach your users from around the world with stories that combine aesthetic elements, using your content and benefiting from the power of spreading an image – a universal and understandable language for everyone.

Distinguish stories
from each other

Mobile StoryTelling offers you a series of templates (page templates) that can be personalized. Each module represents a small part of the story. You can choose among available templates where you can add images and manage the content; animations and the “peeling effect” to give your story a strong visual impact without you having to write a single line of code.


A powerful
marketing instrument

Millions of people carry it with them, every day and every second of the day: the smartphone. Reaching out to potential clients will become more powerful when they can respond immediately with an answer. To harness this power of communication, make StoryTelling accessible thanks to short links that are automatically inserted into SMS text.