Video editing
within everybody’s reach

Create emotive video stories in a simple and effective way. Thanks to the Drag and Drop functionality, you can edit your MovieTelling at any time, in real-time and in just a few and easy steps. From the Storyboard (TimeLine), you can change the order and the sequence of the page templates; all of your MovieTelling projects will be readily available on the Cloud, so you will be able to customise them at any time by accessing the archive.


Picture in Picture
a multitasking visualisation

With the Picture in Picture feature, it is possible to simultaneously display two different content pieces at a time, without affecting the simplicity of the mobile visualisation. Any playing video will be decreased in size and displayed at the bottom right of the smartphone screen. This means it will be possible to insert CTAs in every part of the video and enable access to the corresponding content without the need to stop the MovieTelling.


The standout features


100% Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are without doubt the most popular way to browse the Internet: engage millions of users with 100% Mobile-Friendly video stories.


Full Portrait Video

People naturally hold their phones vertically and consequently why should they rotate the screen? Create Full Vertical Portrait videos and give them what they want.


Customizable Video Stories

Thanks to customisable clips, you can create HD videos to give your users unique and engaging moments.


Conversion Flow

Thanks to a plentiful system of CTAs, you can take advantage of ADA’s full potential, by activating a conversion path by directly starting from MovieTelling.


Purely browser based

Hassle free usability. With no app to download, to display your MovieTelling all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.


your MovieTelling story

Thanks to the ‘embedding’ feature, you can easily attach your MovieTelling content to a website or a blog. Simply copy the code of the MovieTelling creation that you wish to export, apply the chosen dimensions of the desired upload area, and finally paste the code into the landing page.