MovieTelling Tool
A powerful communication tool

The MovieTelling Tool is the visual editor that allows you to create, manage and share Mobile-Friendly Movies in HD. Perfect for communication targeting multimedia experience engagement. It is an innovative tool that uses video capability to effectively generate Engagement and Conversion.


Video Customer Engagement

The video feature allows you to visually communicate and connect with the audience, which enlightens and encourages emotion, by turning the story into an engaging and compelling experience. The ability to tell a story through a perfect array of images, words and sounds is the perfect way to capture the clients’ attention and build long lasting relationships. This feature is compatible and conveniently flows automatically on millions of smartphones.

Immediacy, intelligibility and sensitivity
The features of successful communication

In the era of Internet and Mobile time really is of the essence; in order to sustain the curiosity and withhold the interest of potential clients, you have to aim to direct communications that can be easily grasped by a large number of people as well as being able to entice them emotionally. For this reason, we have integrated the MovieTelling feature to the ADA platform, an effective and innovative solution that uses multimedia content to ensure high conversion rates.


Vertical Videos
Clear and Instinctive Viewing

The MovieTelling Tool has been designed to create 100% Mobile-Friendly video stories, with no need for the users to rotate their device for improved viewing. Reaching millions of people directly on the device they use the most, with stories that combine images, words and sounds, is the way forward in communicating and increasing engagement.


Unique Stories
for Impressive Results

Thanks to the MovieTelling tool, you can customise video stories with a wide range of templates, effects and animations. You can incorporate multimedia content and texts, in order to create unique moments for your audience. You can attract clients’ attention, excite and encourage them to build an engaging relationship with the brand.


Mobile-to-Mobile Solutions:
connected and frictionless experiences

Stay connected in harmony from one screen to another, and from one device to another by using mobile content. This is the advantage of having a system of fully integrated tools. Thanks to the integration with ADA CTAs system, you can convert in various ways and create a path that drives customers towards defined goals.