The mobile market:
an opportunity you should not miss out on

The mobile phone is an extraordinary phenomenon of continuous growth with mass market penetration. A potential market of millions of consumers browse and interact thanks to a mobile device that has become the main point of contact with brands. Experience with a mobile phone is now so pervasive that every business must organize and adapt their communication strategies to this mobile world in order to reach a more expansive, demanding and qualified public.


more than half of the world’s population now uses a mobile phone


of the total time spent online, on average and per day, is spent on mobile devices


is the average amount of time spent online on a mobile device

Business Partner Program

As a Business Partner, thanks to our cutting-edge technology solutions, you can enrich your offering of digital products and services in the areas of Marketing and Communication for mobile devices and develop your business in this dynamic and innovative environment.

The people we focus on

The Business Partner program is aimed at professionals from the world of Marketing and Communication, advisors and independent professionals, telecom operators and, in general, anyone who wants to start, in an autonomous fashion, a truly innovative business.

What do we offer?

The Digital Box is the most innovative Mobile Marketing platform designed to create, distribute and measure 100% Mobile-Friendly digital content campaigns.

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Choose your path from the various solutions available
toward Mobile innovation:


Master Reseller Program

If your goal is to create a network of distributors, both national and international, that offer digital solutions and Mobile Marketing.


Reseller Program

If your goal is to bring Digital solutions and Mobile Marketing to the market.


Reseller Branded Program

If your goal is to bring Digital solutions and Mobile Marketing to the market and personalize your platform with your own brand.

Starting is easy

Are you interested in receiving more information? Simply fill out the form on this page. Our team of consultants and experts will get in touch with you to help you define your business goals and discover the options that are available with our solutions.

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