We have reinvented the SMS Advertising world
Once again

SMS Ads is the innovative way of sending SMS, capable of combining both the economic advantages of the Pay Per Click model and the features that make the SMS one of the most performing and effective channel of communication ever. Only with the ADA platform, you can create, distribute and measure an SMS Marketing campaign, by paying only for the results obtained, by always checking the budget.


SMS Ads: from Quantity to Performance
Why pay when you don’t even reach the goal?

With ADA, SMS becomes the connection through which you can achieve clear and measurable results, directly from your Mobile device. SMS Ads has no fixed costs of sending, and the budget for the campaign is calculated according to the number of recipients and the number of clicks achieved. In this way, you can send SMS for free and pay only according to the generated conversions.

How is it possible?

Thanks to the advanced system of ADA measurement, you can monitor the Customer Journey via Mobile. You can track Leads’ behaviour, give them a quality score according to the interactions with the Brand and customize every communication according to the recipients’ profiling; these features allow ADA to offer a revolutionary System of SMS sending, in which you pay the performance and not the quantity.

1. Tracking

Measure and understand your clients’ behaviour

2. Lead Scoring

Valuable information about your clients

3. Profiling

Profile and Customize your Mobile communication


SMS Ads Features:


Cost estimation

the system automatically calculates the minimum and maximum cost of your SMS campaign.


Great Job

it is the threshold of which the opened clicks are counted but not paid.


Advanced Analytics

detailed data and information help you reach the best result (ROI).


Marketing Automation

SMS Ads integrated with Marketing Automation workflows.


How does it work?

Create, send and measure the results of your SMS Marketing campaign at the cost of a click.

1. Profile

the SMS campaign’s recipients in detail

2. Insert

a short-link of a Landing Page, StoryTelling or a ChatBot;

3. Schedule

the sending

4. Display

the conversions achieved and the main KPIs in the Analytics section.