the most innovative platform for mobile marketing

The role of the mobile phone in companies’ digital strategies is becoming increasingly important. To address this opportunity, we have developed the most innovative platform helping brands, sellers, advertisers and agencies specialized in designing digital products to optimize the yield of their clients’ participation and personalize their users’ experiences by reaching them through personalized content campaigns, thereby increasing the effectiveness of interactions and conversions.


Reinvented mobile marketing

ADA offers a new way to reach potential clients and get them involved by using marketing campaigns designed exclusively for mobile devices, all with a focus on action. With ADA, you will be able to easily create digital content, distribute it to the right people and measure, in real time, the conversion rate of your campaigns. The entire sales process, from the beginning of the relationship to loyalty over time, is revolutionized, automated and oriented toward producing higher conversion rates and lower costs.

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Your mobile marketing solutions in the cloud

The Digital Box’s solutions are cloud-based. With a simple internet connection and a web browser, you can access the entire functionality of the platform without the need to invest in an IT infrastructure. ADA is distributed as SaaS (Software as a Service), with updates of new versions available when you need them to improve your productivity.

ADA: features


100% Mobile-Friendly

Our mobile solutions guarantee a wide range of use across every operating system and device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). The professional design and extensive customization features make ADA a truly effective instrument to support your communication.



ADA can be personalized with your brand and accessed through a third-level domain, which is activated for your business (for example Platform, Landing Page, StoryTelling and Email reside on dedicated servers, with everything needed for your campaigns.


Ahead of its time

We are constantly developing new features and additional modules. With ADA you will automatically receive updates and be ready for any new developments, both in terms of devices as well as operating systems.


Reliability and security

Our services put you at ease so you only need to think about your business.
The control procedures guarantee reliability and security.
All personal information
is secured and protected against intrusion.
We also guarantee constant Support
and Technical Assistance.

Out of the Box

the integrated solutions suite for Mobile Marketing

Designed to graphically analyze and personalize the Customer Journey, ADA allows you to create, distribute and measure 100% Mobile-Friendly campaigns. With ADA you can improve the mobile communication of your clients, analyze customer behavior and offer an appealing and exciting experience.


Successful integration

The integrated solutions of Landing Page, StoryTelling and UpperMail comprise the ideal tool for easily and intuitively creating content and sharing it, in real time, through additional channels: sending an SMS, sharing on social networks or through an online publication. The Mobile Analytics & Customer Data modules allow you to measure the key metrics of your campaigns, which leads to a superior return on investment for your subsequent communications.


One platform,
many Mobile-Friendly solutions

ADA provides you with a complete set of tools to analyze and measure users’ interactions from a chronological perspective, as well as to score them based on both behavior (conduct) and according to users’ available information (demographic data) as compiled through contact with them.


Mobile Landing Page
that converts

The most advanced and intuitive web editor
to create and manage the Landing Page with exclusive designs.


Mobile StoryTelling
that excites

Create digital histories with a tool that is simple, fun and easy to use. Navigate your history with an exciting and engaging horizontal slide effect.


Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing
Content that creates relationships
and promote loyalty

The Drag and Drop editor helps you create, send and measure a campaign’s results from Email Marketing designed for mobile phones.