Connect ADA
to more than 1,000 applications

As from today, connecting ADA to a CRM software or another application that you use to manage your business it is a piece of cake. You can satisfy your customers’ needs and increase the effectiveness of your work in a few easy steps, thanks to the integration with Zapier.

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Save your time
with automation

Zapier is a powerful tool that allows you to connect more than 1,000 applications with one and other, by saving precious time that you can spend on more relevant activities. Thanks to Zapier, ADA converses with the most significant CRM technologies and apps, by automatically transferring data and information. Forget all of those tedious manual activities. For example, HubSpot’s contacts can be imported to ADA automatically; as a result, they will be available for communications.

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Get more performance
within a “Zap”

In order to connect ADA with an external CRM or application, you only need a Zapier and an ADA account. Simply access the Zapier directory, then select the application you would like to connect ADA with and create a Zap, namely a workflow that automatically feeds data and information between the two software solutions.

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Connect ADA
all over the world

Optimise your work by connecting ADA with other software programs. You have more than 1,000 apps to connect to your ADA account at your disposal. Check out the most popular CRM solutions that Zapier integrates with.


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