The Customer Journey
is becoming Mobile

The Smartphone and tablet are quickly conquering users and traffic at the expense of the PC. It is increasingly more important for Brands to provide solutions that are capable of forecasting and satisfying the needs of their consumers. An effective mobile strategy should offer contact experiences that are personalized, taking into consideration people’s individual needs and delivering content campaigns that follow the user through every step of their journey: from initial contact to final reward.


Make every step of
the Client Journey unique

With the Customer Journey project, the ADA suite is enhanced with a revolutionary solution that offers both brands and sellers tools that are capable of anticipating and satisfying every Customer Journey on a mobile device, interpreting any type of user interaction on a smartphone or tablet and offering contact experiences based on real likes and consumer expectations.

Mobile Customer Journey Mapping
is coming

Discover the preferences and habits of your users so you can trace the path that drives their decision to purchase or provide information. By implementing and providing the best Mobile-Friendly content campaigns and sending personalized messages, you set the stage to achieve your marketing goals and increase the return on your campaigns.

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To implement this, we have integrated three fundamental elements into ADA that together comprise the Customer Data project:


1. Tracking

Measure and understand the behavior of your clients

ADA will track the path your clients follow and acquire information and data about their behavior as they respond to mobile content campaigns. These results provide a complete view of the habits, attitudes and actions of every client when they interact with a Mobile Landing Page, a Mobile StoryTelling or a Mobile-Friendly Email.


2. Lead Scoring

Valuable information about your clients

Organizing and interpreting your clients’ information, in real-time, is easy with ADA. This automatic system will score users on each interaction that they complete with regard to your mobile campaigns. Evaluate their behavior or interpret information, both implicit and explicit, that is acquired through various communication initiatives (Demographics).


3. Predictive Marketing

Profile and personalize your mobile communication

Evaluating behavior, creating interactive models and analyzing information acquired from various campaigns will help you to create content and personalize and direct messages to the right users. Thanks to predictive intelligence, you can anticipate the needs of your clients and visualize their reactions and interactions to your communication initiatives.


Cloud Computing
All your information in the cloud, always accessible

Thanks to the Customer Data module, you have a valuable quantity of information on your clients available to you, stored and organized in a safe place. Our Cloud solution will give you peace of mine that your information is always accessible online, 24 hours a day, protected from attacks and unauthorized use.